Unanimity meaning in tamil

கட்டுமட்டு carefulness, providentness, oneness of feeling, taciturnity ஒருமைப்பாடு mu tual agreement, concord ஒருமை union, concord, singleness, uniqueness, concentration or intentness of the mental powers on an object n. ஒருமனப்பாடு concord, close or undi vided application to an object ஒருப்பாடு concord, close application, concentration of the mental powers ஏகசிந்தை implicitness, singleness of pur pose, undivided attention Online English to Tamil Dictionary : egg plant - வார்த்தாகம் inserting - . மாட்டல் jambu dwipa - குருவருடம் that which is soft - மெல்லிது grinding between the teeth as hard fibrous vegetables not well boiled - . நறுநறுத்தல்

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