Uncertainty meaning in tamil

மாயம் illusion, unreality of the visible world, hypo crisy, trick மங்குலம் dimness, murkiness, obscuration, perturbation, confusion of mind தேறாமை unfruitfulness, unsteadiness டோலாயமானம் fluctuation, perplexity செத்து hesitancy, particle of comparison சமுசயம் hesitation, scruple, skepticism, suspicion, apprehension சந்தேகம் hesitation, scruple, dubiousness, suspi cion, precariousness சங்கை hesitation, suspicion, fear, terror, apprehension, probability கடு venomous bite, prick of a thorn, tooth ache, to ache as with colic ஐயம் hesitation, indecision, suspense, scepticism, terms or probability ஐயப்பாடு indecision, apprehension, suspense ஏகதேசம் rareness, scarceness, rare, extraordinary or prodigious oc currence ஈரொட்டு doubt, crisis, criticalness, state of suspense, conditional bargain ஈரொட்டு doubt, crisis, criticalness, state of suspense, conditional bargain ஈரடிப்பயன் equivocation, double mind edness, double dealing, acting under handedly so as to suit both parties ஆசங்கை fear அஸ்திரம் dart thrown forward, any missile weapon, unsteadiness, that which is unworthy of confidence அசாத்தியம் unprofitableness, incurableness, irremediableness, doubt, suspi cion அக்குத்து doubt, in stability, condition, terms of agreement Online English to Tamil Dictionary : pliable - நுணங்கு flowing style - குளபாகம் one who has set himself free - வசங்கெட்டவன் colon - பருங்குடல் author of any sci entific work - ஆசிரியன்

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