Under meaning in tamil

மஞ்சட்காப்பு charm, saffron powder mixed in the water in which an idol is bathed நோக்காடு pain, pain, ache, throe, throb, pang, agony, pangs of child birth கீழ் tear, to rive, split, cleave, to destroy, demolish, to draw as a line ஏதிலார் destitute, others, strangers, those who do not mingle in one's affairs a. அரிய Usage of under 1. This was mainly because of the promotional measures taken under the Programme. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : premium for ready money - அடத்தி to be involved in - dv. உட்பட as a flower its petals - முகிழ் most pure - தம sarsaparilla - உற்கடம்

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