Vain meaning in tamil

a. வெற்று வீண்கத்து insignificant words, prating வீண் useless, unem ployed, unprofitable மதங்கொள்ள wanton, mettlesome, to be come luxuriant or rank நடலம்பண்ண reekless, to act above one's rank, circumstences, age தருக்கு arrogant, supercilious, assuming, to be elated, mirthful, jovial செருக்கு giddy, to be stupified, faint, to have nausea, from taking strong areca nuts செருக்கன் presumptuous person n. செம்மா haughty, high minded, to be elated, conceited, to strut, to be overjoyed களி exult, rejoice, to be exhilarated, to experience exta tic joy உயர் elevated, eminent, to rise, become high, tall, elevated, to grow n. இறுமா enraptured with spiritual delight, to be proud, self conceited ஆங்காரி consequential, conceited, proud ஆங்காரி consequential, conceited, proud Online English to Tamil Dictionary : as one endowed with poetical ge nius - சுயம்பாட as bearer of the flowery arrows - புஷ்பாஸ்திரன் variety of produce - நானாவிதபலன் caste called brin jaree - இலம்பாடி to be trained as the hand to writing - கைபடிய

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