Value meaning in tamil

a. பேணு to treat tenderly, to pamper, to cherish, foster, nurture, tend பெறுமதி ability, validity, security, prize, reward புல் any gramineous plant, small in quantity, num ber, meanness குறை shorten, curtail, contract, deduct, to reduce one's circum stances கிரயம் buying, purchase கருமை darkness, blueness, cerulean hue, azure, poison, venom, greatness ஏக்கழுத்தம் pride, haughtiness, superciliousness, strutting, merit, worth அபிமானிக்க esteem highly, to regard, love, respect, to prize, appreciate Usage of value 1. It is a unit of value based on the productivity of land. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to imprint - பதி tempered - . பழகு as adjoining words in a phrase - பிளவுபட to perform an enterprize to satisfaction - நிருவாகம்பண்ண to server the wind pipe - கழுத்தறுக்க

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