Vapor meaning in tamil

புகைப்படலம் tog, cloud புகைச்சல் smoke, fumiga tion, haze, steam, darkness, luridness, dimness of sight புகை to fumigate, ய, to smoke, to fume, to reek, to emit vapor or steam ஆவி spirit, soul, vowel, breath as emitted by opening the mouth அலரி nerium odorum, it is deemed sacred, is generally planted about the temples and tanks Online English to Tamil Dictionary : used for dying black - நாகமல்லி to get a clue to a thing - அடிபிடிக்க garuda the watch ful bird that never shuts its eyes the vehicle of vishnu - இமையில் plague - வாதை to exist as water in a gem - நீர்விழ

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