Variance meaning in tamil

வின்னம் split or broken, difference, cavity, chink, flaw in gems n. பேதித்தல் dissatisfaction, purging பேதம் dissimilarity, disagreement, disaffection, diversity, variety பேதகம் disagreement, discord, < n. புரைசல் secrets, private affairs, difficulty discord பிசகு to miss, to disappoint, to err, to blunder, to mistake, to be hindered பகைமை enmity n. நெரிவு discord, disunion, cracking, pressing கோளாறு calamity, confusion, disorder, difficulty, quarrel, tumult ஊடல் dif ference n. உறழ்வு resem blance, comparison, equilib rium, equality, state of being interchangeable அபரம் after part, back, hind quarter, hind leg of an elephant, discord Online English to Tamil Dictionary : dilemma - விபத்துக்காலம் water melon - வத்தேக்கு to occur as a train of thought - நினைவோட as a badge of distinction - நெற்றிப்பட்டம் volun tarily - தானாக

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