Variation meaning in tamil

n. வேறுபாடு diversity, disagreement, inflection, alteration பேதி to separate, to sow discord or dissension, to turn the mind from a right course n. பேதலிப்பு disaffection பேதம் dissimilarity, disagreement, variance, disaffection, diversity n. பிறழ்ச்சி alteration in form or quality, disarrangement, irregularity பரிணாமம் mo dification as in the elements, in the forms of deity arising one out of another n. திரிபு altera tion, mutation, diversity, permutation, metathesis, one of the three obstacles to the attainment of heaven Online English to Tamil Dictionary : fragrant flower - மணமுடையபூ to lie asleep - . வளரு plain ornament for the upper part of the ear - சாதாக்கொப்பு large burnt offering - மகம் flapper - சோப்பி

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