Variety meaning in tamil

விகற்பம் difference, error, mistake, doubt, < பேதாபேதம் multiformity, similarity and dissimilarity, agreement and disa greement பேதம் dissimilarity, disagreement, variance, disaffection, diversity நாட்டுவெள்ளரி wild cucum ber, of native or spontaneous growth Usage of variety 1. This variety was introduced by Mr.
3. This variety has revolutionized temalo production in the country.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : who used the plough as a weapon - அலாயுதன் series - பந்தி disappointed - . பின்னப்படுதல் to set the foot on the head of a prostrate worshipper - பாதம்பாலிக்க huge - மகத்து

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