Varuna meaning in tamil

வருணன் god of the waters, regent of the west point, fifth of the twelve adit yas புனல்வேந்தன் as lord of the waters பாசி as armed with a noose, 2, mosses of various kinds, sea weed பாசம் bandage, fetter, cord, rope, noose, as a weapon of siva, brahma பாசபாணி messenger of yama, rope armed Online English to Tamil Dictionary : song on the appearance of an actor - சவனிக்கைத்தரு are put for expressing oil - ஊற்றுப்பெட்டி to complain of providence - தெய்வத்தைநோக one of the five specialities of grammatical construction - விசேஷணம் violent or fatal blow - அவகாதம்

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