Vary meaning in tamil

பேதி to separate, to sow discord or dissension, to turn the mind from a right course n. பரிணமி to assume new forms or states, to assume identity, as a plant rising from its parent tree திரி to twist as yarn, to turn a wheel, windlass, oil mill, to cause to whirl or revolve ஒருவு receding, avoiding, separation, renunciation, to leave, avoid Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to explain mi nutely - பிய்த்துக்காட்ட querulous - எரிப்பெடுக்க moveable and immoveable - தாவரசங்கமம் cleaver - கடாவெட்டி to eat the food left by the bridegroom as a hindu bride does on the occasion of her marriage - எச்சிற்கலக்க

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