Vedas meaning in tamil

மறைமொழி மறை conceal, secret, keep back, to cover, shroud, shelter, ward off சுருதி tone, sacred writings severally or collectively as orally communicated embracing the agamas காண்டம் large division of a subject in epic poems, water, arrow, horse ஓத்து sacred writings, section or chapter of a book treating of one and the same thing எழுதாக்கிளவி unwritten works an appellation adopted with reference to their meaning being handed down by oral explanation and not written ஆரிடம் belonging to, derived from the rishis, one of the eight forms of marriage ஆதிநூல் sa cred writings அந்தணர்வாக்கு Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to grow discouraged or dispirited - மனந்தளர portia or tulip tree - பூவரசு obser vance - ஆசரணம் to redden as the eyes through anger or disease - கண்சிவக்க discharge from a sore - செலவு

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