Vegetable meaning in tamil

பூடு whole onion, garlic நிராங்கு stunted, as a person, beast உழுவல் cus tom, natural rights, proper course of proceeding, kindness உயிர் revive, come to life as one dead, to be restored to life or feeling as a benumbed or injured limb n. இயல்பு property, quality, natural or essential quality, instinct, genius Usage of vegetable 1. Dr Harbhajan Singh was outstanding among the vegetable breeders. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to bring about as the deity - கூட்டிமுடிக்க temporary separation of lovers - பாலை to be effaced - . தேய் silu rus vittales - கெளிறு honorary appellation of a pariah - சாம்பான்

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