Vehicle meaning in tamil

வாகனம் conveyance of any kind as a horse, elephant, carriage, cloth tied in bundles a. நடத்து to lead a child, horse, to take one in company, to escort, to accompany தாரகம் supports, receptacle, means in the operations of the deity செல் pass, as water, money, eye, mind, to lapse, expire said of time கந்து ruined, spoiled, to perish, joint of the body, bottom of the neck ஊர்தி conveyance in general, whether carriage, horse, elephant, palankeen Online English to Tamil Dictionary : thus liable to damage - கட்டுக்கிடையாயிருக்க to be tempered as steel - துவை to swear - வட்டி to give attention - காதுகொடுக்க roaring of water - களகளம்

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