Walk meaning in tamil

நடை act of walking, gait, mode of walking or going, pace, journey n. நடக்கை behaviour, conduct, deportment, manners, course, career தமிழ்நடை going of the tamil language, its idiom சாரிபோக drive சாரி movement, course, riding, going in a vehicle, taking a drive for recreation சவாரிபண்ண to take a drive ஒழுக்கம் behavior, demeanor, course, prescribed rules, regulations, order n. ஒழுகு to go, pass, to act, behave, maintain a course of conduct, act according to rule n. ஏகு pass, to lapse, pass applied to time இயங்கு stir, to go, to move about, to respire, breathe, to appear Online English to Tamil Dictionary : dried cake of cow dung - வராடடி yester day - நேற்று similar in effect to opium - மாசனம் lily - அல்லி page n=292 - கால்செய்வட்டம்

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