Want meaning in tamil

வேட்கை appetite, fondness, amorousness விகலம் n. முற்றுகை distress, 2 n. முறிச்சல் indigence n. முட்டுப்பாடு exi gency, evil முட்டு to butt, to oppose, to hinder, to assault, to attack, to be in want n. மிடி to be in want, to be destitute, poverty மட்டுக்குமட்டு number, due or equal proportion, proportion of a small quantity நோலாமை intolerance, neglect of religious austerities நிரப்பு completeness, to fill, complete, to diffuse, suffuse, saturate தொக்கடை தேவை necessity, name of a tawn, ramnad தாழ்ச்சி baseness, vileness, inferiority, disparagement, subordination தரித்திரம் indigence, destitution, < n. தட்டுக்கேடு destitution, loss, defeat, discomfiture, ruin சிறுமை littleness, dimi nutiveness, indigence, misery, wretchedness n. சிகல் ruin n. கேடு destruction, anni hilation, loss, waste, damage, degeneracy n. குறைவு deficiency, dearness, scarcity, indigency, necessity, poverty n. குறைபாடு defect, lack, destitution, indigence, poverty n. குறைபாடு defect, lack, destitution, indigence, poverty குசூர் deficiency கிஞ்சம் smallness, littleness n. ஒழிவு forsaking, intermission, cessation, omission, inference by impli cation ஒற்கம் indigence, des titution, adversity, dim inution, failure, forbearance n. எஞ்சு decrease, shorten, less en, grow small, few, to be deficient ஊனம் deficiency as of a member, maim, privation ஈனம் priva tion, destitution, mutilation, disgrace, degradation இல்லாமை destitution, privation, poverty இலம்பாடு destitution, absence of a thing a. ஆக்கு create, effect, make, to cook, to mature, to raise one from obscurity n. அவாவு to desire intensely, crave, covet burn with lust, to approach அவசியம் urgency, certainty அல்கல் dimi nishing, diminution, night, day, destitution, poverty Usage of want 1. And if you want another conundrum, what is a chotohazree? Online English to Tamil Dictionary : rustling of dried skins - . மொடமொடெனல் pu sillanimity - ஏழைமை for a house - . எடு foul or turbid water - ஆவிலம் beating cymbals - . வட்டணையுறுத்தல்

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