Wanton meaning in tamil

n. மதத்தல் being fat, voluptuous, being intoxi cated, also spirited or furious as beasts n. மதத்தநோக்கு lascivious, amorous looks மதங்கொள்ள vain, mettlesome, to be come luxuriant or rank செருக்கு giddy, to be stupified, faint, to have nausea, from taking strong areca nuts செருக்கன் vain, presumptuous person கொழுப்புக்காட்ட impertinent ஆரியப்பூமாலை gay, sprightly, young woman Online English to Tamil Dictionary : when he assumes the shape of a horse to destroy the wicked - கற்கி gifts presented to brah mans to avert the malignant influences of inauspicious planets - கிரகதானம் thickening of mucus in the latter stages of cold - . சளிபழுத்தல் notorious thief - குறித்தகள்வன் jeer - பரிகாசம்

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