War meaning in tamil

வெஞ்சமம் battle வினை act, action, deed, work, accumulation of moral actions, results of deeds in former births மொய் press, throng, swarm as flies, bees, ants, to cover, company முயல் contest முனை to be angry, to show signs of indignation, to engage in battle மண்டிலம் horse, country, province, region, dance, play, battle போர் to put on, wear a cloak, to cover entirely as does the skin to en velope படைக்குழப்பம் commotion of war தெவ்வு enmity, hostility, animosity, battle, contest, opposing force the enemy தெவ் hostility, battle, contest, opposing power, enemy ஞாட்பு skirmish, multitude, crowd, army, troops, power, strength, force செரு சமீகம் battle, dart, pike, < சமிதி engagement, < சமர் conflict, porcupine சமரம் conflict, < சமம் smoothness, likeness, similarity, sameness, uniformity, equality சங்கிராமம் battle, military exploits, < சங்கரம் promiscuousness as of castes by indiscriminate commerce, fighting குறும்பு battle, fighting, stronghold, at fort, class of savages, supposed to form a part of the aborigines of southern india கலம்பகம் compound, medley, kind of poem composed of various metres, compound perfumed ointments கலக்கந்தீர to be removed as a cause of fear as female, postilence கணையம் timber placed between two elephants to prevent their fighting a. எழுப்பு waking, to awake, rouse, start, to raise one that is pros trate இரணம் food, eatables, debt, battle இகல் oppose, to be inimical to, to oppose in war, to fight, to view with ஆயோதம் battle ஆகவம் அமர் tranquil, settled, quiet, hushed, calm, serene, to become pacified அமராட அபியோகம் battle, prohibition, prevention Usage of war 1. Shaw's war against sentimentality has, also, lasted too long. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to be absorbed - சுவறிப்போக supported - ஆதேயம் words sweet as milk - அவர்ணியம் to give a dissolved pill - குளிகைவார்க்க discounting - . தள்ளுதல்

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