utu meaning in english - ஊடு

to feign a dislike as a wife to her husband to increase his affection to be displeased and unsocial as a wife with her husband refusing his caresses sometimes to be at variance as a husband and wife to be impatient with n. inside காரகவரிக்கொம்பு, உள், உட்புறம், அகம், அகநிலை, அகடு that which is intermediate adv. between நடுப்பெற, குறுக்கே, இடைப்பட wool சூரடிக்க, ஊடை thread woven across the warp Online English to Tamil Dictionary : நடுக்கொண்டவீடு - middle house ஆந்தனையும் - முதற்பெயர் - chief person கண்சமிக்கை - wink with the eyes மந்திரஞ்செபிக்க - to pronounce a

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