utu meaning in english - ஊது

to blow as with the mouth to blow the fire to puff and blow as with hard labor to blow a musi cal instrument as a trumpet to blow with a bellows blow pipe to gnaw or bore holes as a beetle to injure as a moth to be puffed up with wind to be inflated to be bloated swollen as the belly after eating to swell or puff up as a corpse carcass in water to blow softly as wind to blow as bees beetles வடுவரி, களி in getting out honey from flowers Online English to Tamil Dictionary : விச்சை - science சாதிவருணாச்சிரமம் - . caste கிருதி - . act பொற்கண்டை - threads of gold சந்துசந்தாய்த்துண்டிக்க - to disjoint

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