kangku meaning in english - கங்கு

ridge or bank to retain water in rice lands side of a bank or ridge limit or border வரைப்பு n. eagle பவணை, பணவை, சகுந்தம், கழுகு, கழு, கங்கம், எருவை, உவணம் n. kite பாறு, பாரசிகை, பருந்து, சேனம், எழு, உவணம், அராவைரி two sides in prison bars or other play separated by a limit bottom of a palmyra stem which parts and embraces the tree black kind of millet panicum italicam Online English to Tamil Dictionary : மருட்பா - one of the five kinds of verse உட்டணாதிக்கம் - prevalence of heat in the body வேந்தன் - . king காருகபத்தியம் - one of the three sacred fires that which is maintained by the householder as received from his father and transmitted to his descendants or successors இலட்சியஞ்செய்ய - to pay respect

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