mtli meaning in english - மடலி

to bend or turn as a road நெளி river வைகை, வேணி, வருபுனல், யாறு, மடங்கு, போக்கு, பொருந்தம், புனல் to be serpentine to be turned distorted as a limb to be caught with cramp to be corru gated to be warped to be curved so as to form a hollow or sheath to prick up the ears as an enraged elephant Online English to Tamil Dictionary : காதிலேயோத - to whisper in the ear பலிபீடம் - . altar அழிசாட்டியம் - wicked proceeding பிரகற்பதிமானம் - reckoning by ju piter's motion in his orbit வேந்துரு - ancestor in the sixth degree

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